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 *365 Day Instagram Project  you get what you choose 

( on going 365 day a work a day for major show coming 2018)


Upcoming  2017  


FEBRUARY  : Slot Window Gallery 

APRIL :     International Drawing Exhibition :  Articulate Project Space. Sydney

APRIL       DIP Window Gallery Darlington. 

MAY :       Annual Group Show, Factory 49 Sydney.

MAY:        Chromatopia,  Tacit Contemporary Art Melbourne

JUNE:       Cross Gallery Bundaberg Qld. 


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I met Marlene Sarroff through social media.  I saw her work, was intrigued by it and decided to contact her seeking an interview.  While her work appears to be very pure and simple, there’s a lot of conceptualization behind it.  Don’t let that frighten you.  Marlene is a lovely woman to chat with as you’ll see in our cool interview.

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